Best Charcoal Grill and BBQ Items for 2023

Summer is on its way and there is no better time to start up the charcoal grill. Whether you are buying your first charcoal grill or replacing your existing one, you’ve come to the right place. A charcoal grill is a popular outdoor cooking appliance that uses charcoal as the primary fuel source to cook food. It’s widely used for grilling meats, vegetables, and other food items, imparting a distinct smoky flavor to the cooked dishes. We’ve put together a great collection of charcoal grills and accessories to get you set up. Next thing we want to know… what will you cook first?

Original Weber Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

The original, classic grill from Weber. Built-in thermometer, high-capacity ash catcher, easily add more charcoal with this model’s cooking grate… read more

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber Rapid fire Chimney Charcoal Starter

Easily light your charcoal grill! Avoid explosive fuel. Just fill this with charcoal, stuff some paper underneath and light. In just a few minutes your coals are burning!… read more

Original Kingsford Charcoal Briquettes

Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes

Don’t forget the charcoal for your charcoal grill! These Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes have sure fire grooves and more edges which help to light the coals faster… read more

Weber 22 Inch Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover

Weber 22 Inch Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover

Protect your new charcoal grill! This cover is breathable and made from premium heavy duty polyester fabric. UV and water resistant, strap fastens to your charcoal grill… read more

24 piece BBQ Grill Tool Set with Meat Thermometer and Injector

24 Pcs BBQ Grill Tools Set with Meat Thermometer and Injector

Complete, premium quality, dishwasher safe, Grilling Set. User-friendly design with extended handles to minimize risk of burns… read more

Rolling Ice Chest Cooler Cart

80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest Cooler Cart

Keep cool or warm! This large capacity, 20 gallon rolling cooler is perfect for your BBQ or backyard party. Comes with an ice scooper. Keeps items cool for up to 24 hours… read more

Here’s some information about charcoal grills:

1. Design and Components of a Charcoal Grill:
Charcoal grills come in various sizes and designs, but they typically consist of a few common components:

  • Cooking Grate: This is where the food is placed for grilling. It’s usually made of stainless steel or cast iron and provides the grill marks on the cooked food.
  • Charcoal Grate: The charcoal grate holds the charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal beneath the cooking grate. It allows air to flow from below to help ignite and maintain the charcoal.
  • Charcoal Chamber: This is the area where you place the charcoal. It’s designed to contain and distribute the charcoal evenly for efficient cooking.
  • Lid: Most charcoal grills come with a lid that can be opened and closed. The lid helps control the temperature inside the grill and can also be used to trap smoke, enhancing the smoky flavor of the food.
  • Vents: Vents on the lid and sometimes on the bottom of the grill allow you to control the airflow and therefore the temperature. Opening the vents increases the oxygen supply, making the coals burn hotter, while closing them reduces the airflow and lowers the temperature.
  • Ash Catcher or Tray: Some grills have a mechanism to collect the ashes produced during the charcoal burning process. This makes cleaning the grill easier.

2. Cooking Process for a Charcoal Grill:
To use a charcoal grill, you need to follow these general steps:

  • Place charcoal in the charcoal chamber and arrange it in the desired pattern (such as a two-zone setup for direct and indirect cooking).
  • Light the charcoal using methods like chimney starters, lighter fluid, or electric charcoal starters. Chimney starters are widely recommended as they’re safer and more efficient.
  • Once the charcoal is ashed over (gray and glowing), spread it evenly across the charcoal grate.
  • Adjust the vents to control the temperature. Wider vents allow for higher heat, while partially closed vents reduce the heat.
  • Place the food on the cooking grate and close the lid if necessary. The lid helps to maintain a consistent temperature and infuse a smoky flavor.

3. Advantages of a Charcoal Grill:

  • Charcoal grills provide a unique smoky flavor to the food due to the combustion of charcoal.
  • They can reach higher temperatures compared to some other types of grills, making them suitable for searing and achieving a charred exterior on meats.
  • Charcoal grilling is a traditional and authentic method of cooking that many people enjoy.

5. Maintenance and Safety for a Charcoal Grill:

  • Regular cleaning of the cooking grates and the interior of the grill is important to prevent the buildup of grease and residue.
  • Ensure that the grill is placed on a stable surface and is a safe distance away from flammable objects.
  • Use caution when lighting charcoal and avoid using excessive lighter fluid to prevent flare-ups.
  • When you’re done cooking, close the vents to suffocate the charcoal and save it for the next use. Make sure the grill is completely cooled down before storing it.

Overall, charcoal grills are favored for their ability to create a rich smoky flavor in grilled foods and their versatility in achieving different cooking styles. However, they do require more hands-on attention compared to other grill types.